Village Survey – What Do You Want to See Built?

This information will be used to build, construct, and finance the tiny house village within 100 miles of San Francisco, that’s accessible to public transit, affordable, and communal.

The questions in regards to what you’d be willing to pay are very helpful to know/share. Keep in mind, at a higher price tag, you’d get much closer to San Francisco, more facilities, and higher quality construction of the village infrastructure. Also, please be aware that the price does not include the cost of your tiny house. If you need to rent a tiny house, that will be another cost. Most people will opt to buy or build their own, which come at a cost of $15-45k (roughly equivalent to one year of rent in San Francisco, in a shared living situation)

The utility and membership fee would cover the roads, construction of the village, upkeep, community management, and shared monthly utilities, including electric, gas, water, and garbage.

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