Tiny House Village Vision & Social – April 1st, 2015

Hey all, I finally finished writing It’s a Shareable Life and sent it off to the press, so I now have the time and energy to fulfill the dream / vision of creating a small, sustainable community with tiny houses in the outskirts of San Francisco. There are many, many tiny house enthusiasts in San Francisco and beyond – I know this because I get several emails daily from people who want to help!

Well, now is the time – let’s get together and strategize funding, property, and align on vision. I’m pretty clear on the vision I have for how this village can operate, but open to feedback and suggestion as well. On April 1st, we’re going to have a tiny house village social for tiny home enthusiasts, owners, people interested in communities, etc.

Also, check out the press the village received in Curbed SF this February: Tiny House Villages Seek Tiny Plots of Land in San Francisco.

I hope to see you soon!

One thought on “Tiny House Village Vision & Social – April 1st, 2015

  1. Sylvia Martin

    I am wanting to be a part of a tiny home village. I would live in a tent until I saved enough for my tiny house. Read my profile on Google+. I am self sufficient. Creative. Fixed income. 59. Currently volunteer with Downtown Streets Team in Palo Alto, CA.


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