Tiny House Living in Wine Country

Tiny House Living

Stayed in a Tumbleweed tiny house in wine country this weekend – what a blissful place!

Tiny spaces really make you rethink everything. What is it that you need and use daily and/or weekly? How much of your life can be lived outside? Cleaning, showering, cooking, etc? What do you really need? How important is housing beyond warmth and running water? What’s constitutes an environment that’s nurturing? How would relationships change if there was no where to run to or hide, but rather tight-knit spaces? What jobs/inspirations would people take up? Is this livable long term or just short-term? What about mobile lifestyle – what if you could move your house where you want to be, living more fluidly? How much time could be spent outside of the small space, being more in tune with nature and ones community, especially in the context of a tiny house village?

I will tackle my answers and vision to some of these questions and more in the next post, where I’ll talk about my experience living in a tiny house.


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