A Tiny House Village Near San Francisco

Proposed Plans

We want to create a small village of entrepreneurs who want to live sustainably, on the land – and with high speed internet, guitar sessions, nightly campfires, dancing and celebrating life, love and food – all within a few hours proximity to San Francisco.

See the neighborland group

To do this, we need some land (like a large back yard or a piece of unused land inside of San Francisco). We will also need access to water and possibly electricity (can do w/o this if necessary).

The idea is to test the concept of putting 5-10 tiny houses on a plot of land with an outdoor communal kitchen and a seating area for the group to commune, eat, hang out, etc. The houses themselves will be on wheels and cause no damage to the land itself. They will not be permanent dwellings and for this reason cannot be considered living spaces and are therefore not governed by the same laws and standards such as square footage requirements. Each tiny house will have it’s own kitchen and bathroom. And there will need to be room for street parking or parking on the land itself.

If you have the land – we can and will make this happen and you’ll see all of the fruitful benefits of coliving, community, minimalism and sharing of resources. The beauty of this idea is that it would be an opt-in community. If it’s not a fit for someone or the group as a whole, they just cart their tiny house somewhere else.

This is an intersection of coliving, micro apartments, intentional living and affordable housing for the creative class. It’s also pushing the envelope of urban living, flexible (live from anywhere) lifestyles and with more of an emphasis on what our needs actually are.

I am experienced with coliving, the sharing economy, building communities and ready for the next big adventure in creating a new form of housing looking for that serendipitous connection – that other half – a person who owns an unused parking lot, a plot of land, a huge backyard or unutilized land that they’d like to do something creative, interesting and innovative with. If this sounds like you, let’s start talking and find a way to create this community, this vision together – or you can just rent me the land and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please do get in touch and let me know your thoughts on all of the above.

3 thoughts on “A Tiny House Village Near San Francisco

  1. Jim Ferron

    I will be sharing my time between SF and Seattle for the next several years. I don’t have the land you are asking for, but I would LOVE to be one of the participants!

    My suspicion is there is far more demand for TH space, than there is supply.

    Bring me in, a friend and I will start on the Seattle Village concept right away.


  2. Sylvia Martin

    I want to live in a tiny house village. I’m 59. Fixed income, SSI. I’m creative. I like your ideas. I’m hoping we can get one going in the bay area for homeless/low-income. I am in Catholic charities housing and don’t really like it. To sanitary. No creative spirit. I study yoga and holistic health.


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