This is press for the tiny house village that Chelsea Rustrum and several others are in the process of putting together. 

Tiny Homes Could Help Us Solve the Housing Crisis – Except One Big Problem (Tech Insider)

How to Create a Tiny House Village (Shareable)

Will Zoning Laws Kill SF’s Tiny House Movement? (The Bold Italic)

Bringing Back the Village (TEDx)

How Tech is Leading us Back to Village Style Life (Venture Beat)

11 Tiny House Villages Redefining Home (Shareable)

Hacker Houses Offer Shared Living for the Young, Green, and Tech Obsessed (Grist)

Are You Part of the Sharing Economy Yet? (Market Watch, Wall Street Journal)

The World Will Say Ouishare on May 5th (Bilan: Swiss economics magazine)

Tech Savvy Communes Could be the Answer to SF’s Housing Issues (TechCrunch)

The Coliving Survey (Shareable)

Hacking Home: Coliving Reinvents the Commune for a Networked Age (Shareable)

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