Looking for Tiny House Land

tiny houses

So yesterday I went land scouting and learned quite a bit about lots, sizes, locations, financing, etc.

Here are the main takeaways.

For this to work the way that I dream about it, the land would have to be:
- secluded
- wooded
- flat or at least somewhat flat
- have large open spaces
- road access
- access to water (well), electricity, internet (DSL lines), and at least be tested for septic
- within close proximity to San Francisco and other outdoor activities

While I realize that this is a tall bill, I came to find that many pieces of land are too residential or offer a lot of acreage, but the acreage is largely unusable. So the learning is that no two pieces of land are created equal.

And finally – I learned that there is not much land like this left in California that will sell at any kind of reasonable rate. I found a few pieces that are gorgeous, but even those pieces sold for $450K at the height of the market (not telling you what they are now :)

Oh and finally, plus – plus -plus, I gleaned some knowledge about owner financing. It seems that there are mixed reviews on whether or not banks are still lending on land, but a lot of sellers seem to be willing to carry the loan on the land themselves for 5 years, amortized over 30 years with a balloon payment at the end. My understanding is that this is to help people get a structure built so that there is more traditional home value for the banks to associate with the property and carry out the duration of the loan.

My next adventure is to learn about tiny house financing. It seems like there is not currently a lot of it… There’s  a new website, tinyhouseloans.com but it’s nothing more than an email list capture with no word of when/how something more than that will crop up. I will keep looking – please let me know if you see anything more substantial or know people who have financed their homes.

10 thoughts on “Looking for Tiny House Land

  1. Keaton Miles

    Have you thought about acquiring financing through investors instead of through a bank? You may be able to approach “green” companies or non-profit groups to help chip in, or maybe even try writing a grant? Also, there are quite a few people out there looking to park their tiny homes, maybe they would be willing to chip in for a spot? Just a few thoughts.

  2. Nancy

    I would love to be involved in the Tiny House Movement! My experience is in Green Building and Solar Power systems. I may have a few viable resources for land for the Tiny House Village. Let’s talk. 650-290-0591. Is there a planned meeting coming up soon?

  3. Eckhart

    It seems like we should be able to convince AirBnB (or their funders to assist us if we presented our project as something amenable to their larger community globally.
    Alternatively, we ought to simply experiment with croud-source funding angles and angel investors to make it happen. We might look to award-winning ecovillages like Sonoma Mtn Village in Rhonert Park [http://sonomamountainvillage.com/company/partners.php] for guidance as to their land plan as an instructive analogue to our diverse efforts (despite their land emanating from a corporate business park and ours as a non commercially zoned residential space).


  4. Karen


    I was curious as to how your search for land was going. I have land in Lower Pacific Heights behind an existing home that I am considering placing at least 2 tiny homes. How well is your research/project going?

  5. Ninad Athavale

    LOVE this idea.
    I am an architect by training but went to business school since and now work in real estate construction and finance. Would be VERY interested in knowing where you are going with this and also contribute! Please email me or call me 508 873 4992. Would love to talk!


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