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Why Keri Gailloux Wants to Live in a Tiny Home

I have always loved looking at cozy cottages and bungalows. Even the words cottage and bungalow conjures images of charm, safety, and home. I’m a military brat. For those of you that know, you always have one foot out the door, ready to head off to the next place your parent is stationed. My whole life has been like that.


This is me, Keri Gailloux

One foot out the door.

I have spent years pouring over Dwell and other such tomes of design, yearning for a place of my own but never really seeing myself in any of the artful designs. The drawing and photographs always seemed like they were for other people.
I’m a renter. I have been forever a renter with no hope of having a home of my own until one day I came across the idea of tiny houses. Hmmmm. That hit me hard. This was a real possibility to have my home AND one foot out the door because it was on WHEELS. Yipee!

So I have turned my attention the last few years to reading everything I could about these very special homes that could look like cottages or bungalows or high tech transformers or bohemian vardos. What a trip. So many fantastic ideas coming from all over the world. As soon as I realized that this wasn’t merely a trend, but a movement rather –  I wanted to be a part of it.

I discovered that I could SEE myself in one of these wonderful houses but where could I put it?

Where to put the tiny house is the biggest question everyone has. The exciting news is that across the country the tiny house movement is pushing forward like hardy spring flowers relentlessly growing up through the cold hard cracks. Counties, cities, and states are beginning to take a serious look at these peculiar little houses.

I’m an enthusiast and I’ve found others like me simply by going to meetup groups. So cool. Now I’m a part of a group location scouting for land for a tiny house village or eco village – or let’s face it, a place where we can legally put a group of tiny houses with a common area and shared community.

I know this is the future for me and thousands of others who have realized they can have their dreams no matter what their age or experience.

Here are a few of my favorite resources to get you started:

Tiny House Association: great resource to get national info on legal stuff

Blue Grass Meadows Micro Village: an example community in Canada

Tiny House Blog


If you want to get in touch, I can be reached on twitter @myfingerscrossd